Full Program

Urb-IoT  is a part of the EAI SmartCity 360° 2019 International Summit

See program of the whole summit, including the keynote day, demos, exhibitions and all 8 co-located conferences – here

Urb-IoT conference will take place on the 6th December in the room #1

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 15:30

SESSION 1: Sensing Methods

Session Chair: Philipp M. Scholl

  1. A Feasibility Study on the Use of Smartphone Sensors for Development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems; Nuno M. Santos, André Ferreira, João Miguel Fernandes.
  2. A low-cost video-based solution for city-wide bicycle counting in starter cities; Eduardo Peixoto, João Moutinho, Rui José
  3. NeuralIO: Indoor Outdoor Detection via Multimodal Sensor Data Fusion on Smartphones; Long Wang, Lennard Sommer, Till Riedel, Michael Beigl, Yexu Zhou, Yiran Huang
  4. Challenges and limitations for the systematic collection of cycling data from bike sensors; Miguel Costa, Rui José
15:30 – 15:50 Coffee break
15:50 – 17:20

SESSION 2: Environmental Sensing

Session Chair: Matthias Budde

  1. Short-Term Indoor Radon Gas Study in a Granitic School Building: a comparative analysis of occupation periods; Rolando Azevedo, Joaquim Silva, Nuno Lopes, António Curado and Sérgio I. Lopes
  2. Air Quality Monitor and Forecast in Norway using NB-IoT and Machine Learning; Hai Nguyen, Andreas Lepperød, Sigmund Akselsen, Leendert Wienhofen, Pinar Øzturk and Weiqing Zhang
  3. A Visual Analytics Approach for Effective Radon Risk Perception in the IoT Era; Sérgio I. Lopes, Sanne Bogers, Pedro M. Moreira and António Curado
  4. Characterizing air quality in urban areas with mobile measurement and high resolution open spatial data: comparison of different machine learning approaches using a visual interface; Yao Shen, Stephan Lehmler, Syed, Monjur Murshed and Till Riedel