Accepted papers

Accepted papers

Short-Term Indoor Radon Gas Study in a Granitic School Building: a comparative analysis of occupation periods

Rolando Azevedo, Joaquim Silva, Nuno Lopes, António Curado and Sérgio I. Lopes

Air Quality Monitor and Forecast in Norway using NB-IoT and Machine Learning

Hai Nguyen, Andreas Lepperød, Sigmund Akselsen, Leendert Wienhofen, Pinar Øzturk and Weiqing Zhang

A Visual Analytics Approach for Effective Radon Risk Perception in the IoT Era

Sérgio I. Lopes, Sanne Bogers, Pedro M. Moreira and António Curado

Challenges and limitations for the systematic collection of cycling data from bike sensors

Miguel Costa and Rui José

NeuralIO: Indoor Outdoor Detection via Multimodal Sensor Data Fusion on Smartphones

Long Wang, Lennard Sommer, Till Riedel and Michael Beigl

A low-cost video-based solution for city-wide bicycle counting in starter cities

Eduardo Peixoto, João Moutinho and Rui José

A Feasibility Study on the Use of Smartphone Sensors for Development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Nuno M. Santos, André Ferreira and João Miguel Fernandes

Characterizing air quality in urban areas with mobile measurement and high resolution open spatial data: comparison of different machine learning approaches using a visual interface

Yao Shen, Stephan Lehmler, Syed, Monjur Murshed and Till Riedel